• Reduction of business processes downtime due to IT related problems
  • Reduction of IT infrastructure general management and administration costs
  • With automated monitoring minimizing risks of human factor impact on IT operation
  • Improvement of service and maintenance staff work efficiency
  • With inventory reports optimizing resources analysis and planning

 Base Software

  • Zabbix
  • HPE Network Management
  • RedHat JON
  • Hawkular


  • Customizing of monitoring objects data collection from different information sources and its processing
  • Monitoring system adaptation for the Customer
  • Monitoring system additional components design based on open software or open API from the monitoring system manufacturer
  • Development of reports and instrumental panels based on data from monitoring and related systems
  • Adjusting of means and systems for responsible persons notification of the emerging problem

With regard to telecom equipment monitoring (routers, switches, etc.)

  • Drawing of network topology map using OSI Levels 2 and 3
  • Check for the network elements availability and performance key quantitative metrics;
  • Gathering of long-time performance, availability, active capacity statistics;

With regard to server equipment and software monitoring:

  • Check for the operating system and applications workability
  • Monitoring of the operating system and applications (application software, telecom software, banking software) main parameters

With regard to business processes and services monitoring:

  • Check for а service availability for end clients
  • Monitoring of а service performance metrics (response time, etc.);
  • Monitoring of a business process and its tasks metrics
  • IT infrastructure general representation as a set of business services
  • Representation of impact of problems emerging on monitoring objects on the business service operation